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Yamaha Releases the Peter Hook Signature BB Bass

Frets: 21, nickel silver• Per an old BB manual I have mid-late 80s? We all know the old adage about not fixing things that aren't broken, but that doesn't mean you can't make subtle, practical, or stylistic modifications to benefit performance and aesthetic—even to a proven design like the BB series. Soloing the neck pickup projects a rich sound, and when boosting the tone knob, I got a nice little slap contour as well. Moreover, because the attachment area of strings to saddles is larger than conventional vertical stringing, much better transmission of vibration is obtained. Standard-sized pickups! 00 still. IRA Initial Response Acceleration IRA is a special process that involves resonating the guitar at a certain frequency when it's finished being built, and it's strung and tuned. musiciansfriend. For select music this bass could be a great fit. Good materials. Again, because the engineers at Yamaha installed standard-sized pickups, they can be easily swapped out if desired. guitarcenter. The reversed P with J sounds a little smoother to me, especially with a pick or slap. A volume, a potentiometer to gradually move from a microphone to the other and an active three-band equalizer. Has been essentially my main bass for a long time, only recently splitting time with a BB1500A. richrelevance. The horns are smaller and the body is more roundish. Around that time, or in the early 90s, Yamaha started switching to a "regular" P configuration. and a yamaha.. Visit or today for the best sales, , , and for motorsports vehicles in Pennsylvania. The body was re-shaped to include a more comfortable contour design that also shaved some weight from the body, and the pickup shapes were changed to enable owners to change them for standard pickups. I had a BB300 in the mid to late '80's. musiciansfriend. The sound with all controls maxed serves up a rich, mid-bark tone that captures the essence of a BB of old. Last week I bought a BB400 off of CL and really am impressed by how nice it is. Japanese instrument makers Yamaha were quite late to the world of bass guitars — their first model, the SB-2 came out in April 1966. is the friction against the bridge LGERS but nothing serious.. guitarcenter. It had the feel of a new-yet-broken-in instrument and the tone was even from fret one to 21. musiciansfriend. The BBP34 is nicely assembled in Yamaha's facility in Japan, arrives set up like a dream, and can give a player the sense of hanging with an old friend right out of the box. with the usual one would quickly fai cocote is not the super heavy I use it mainly up... I'm thinking of changing the strings to something a little more muted, maybe even flats. guitarcenter. YouTube some clips is a good way to hear the difference. never had no problems SOUNDS I susi more typ.. Sponsored Content is clearly labeled everywhere it appears, and Premier Guitar's editorial department has no involvement in its creation. Thoughts? The hardware felt "cheap" and I was not a fan of the metallic white color. Scale Length: 34" 864mm• OVERVIEW Special design features for pumped up vintage sound characteristics. The neck joint is a bit of over engineering, but very high quality. My p-bass, even with Seymour Duncan hot Ps isn't anywhere near as sensitive. Thanks again for the great info. Fretwork was good, and the maple used in the neck was a thing of beauty. D'OH! BB's custom-wound pickups are designed to fit standard pickup cavities and feature a medium-high output with vintage voicing for great tone in any setting. Thanks again When I went shopping for my first bass in 1985 or so, I had a choice between a Yamaha BB300, a Japanese Fender Squire Precision, and a Kramer Pioneer JJ. Neck joint: bolt-on• I LOVE the necks on the MIT BB200 and BB300. ebay. Please see reviews and videos on the You Tube. Throughout his career, Hook has chosen Yamaha BB basses for their assertive sound and durable construction. I think many players will, whether they use a pick or fingers. Think of any great bassist and you'll likely hear one of their more memorable bass lines, techniques, or solos playing in your head. I think he was playing a Ric at the time. This is a great way to learn how to play because you hear yourself playing along with the music you are listing to. I listen to RandB groups from the 80's and at the same time I play the bass line to the song I am listing to. we lve lgrement the plot and good c must not dream between the fender... I love, love the look. richrelevance. Convertible Bridge and Saddle for Precise Tone Shaping• musiciansfriend. musiciansfriend. The neck now has a six-bolt mitre neck joint for enhanced stability. Billy also had a few RBX prototypes made with his usual pickup setup, but these were never mass produced. I definately has the sound of the split coil, but they are different basses. Both IRA and ARE technologies are applied to the Yamaha BB2024X bass. What displeases me against and justifies the "but" that I put in as it is that it is not possible to play without a 9V battery which powers the equalizer. Not a lot, but i think the hot pickups accentuate and this is the passive version. Who is going to like this tone? It is quality built in excellent condition. However once you get use to playing the guitar daily as I do, you get use to the guitar. But damn, the pick ups are hot as hell in this thing. I almost thought of returning, but redid the strings through the bridge only and it seemed to mitigate this some. The horns are smaller and the body is more roundish. In the mid-seventies, Yamaha spent some time developing what was to become the cornerstone of their bass range. The natural finish makes for a clarinet that looks as pleasing as it sounds! Click to expand... SOUNDS Very versatile I repeat myself so.... Nickel silver nut Nickel Silver is selected for nut. See previous opinions UTILIZATION Handle very nice. Body: alder with ARE Acoustic Resonance Enhancement special seasoning process• The BBP34 is a different beast than its predecessor. guitarcenter. Brass saddles deliver a slightly deeper low-end, while the steel bridge plate offers more response. I play with fingers, picks, slap... I would say that the build quality is better on the Yamahas. Left it behind in a divorce. Although less scientific, acoustic-guitar players have been placing instruments near their stereo speakers for years to mimic this process. We are thankful to Peter for sticking with us for so many years, and we are proud he is so pleased with the result of our collaboration together. With this chemical-free treatment, the bass guitar sounds silky smooth and mature right out of a factory. Hook has pursued an innovative, 40-plus-year career with these and other bands, blending post-punk with electronic and dance-music influences during his musical evolution. The Yamaha BB614 is one of the finest bass for the buck. The brushed-nickel hardware adds some satiny class to the bass. I find the neck to be very similar width, thickness to my Fender Dirnt and my 96 P Deluxe. 57" at the nut—will likely appeal to a broad range of players. guitarcenter. The only problem if any I have with the BB614 Yamaha is the weight of the guitar. musiciansfriend. I picked up a BB434 passive. There was a later version BB 350 that had 2 J pickups, and a BB 1500 A which was active EQ with 2 J pickups. That was the first thing I noticed. richrelevance. The vintage-type voicing delivers a tone that will likely make traditional players take note. So no high quality sound, but you can get my idea of "dry" and "bony". More Jazz Bass like. The MIJ models had a higher quality control from the factory, but the Korean factory used all the same specs as the Japanese factory so you should be OK. Bridge: vintage plus brass saddle, steel plate• guitarcenter. Through it all, his trusty bass brand has been Yamaha and today the manufacturer announces the Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass. These latest models continue this tradition of reliable excellence in superbly crafted bass guitars that you can depend on to give you the sound you need, in any situation you throw at it. The bass came with the string through body set up. Pursuing ultimate passive sound, " Face Pickups" are used to cope with even picking of rock players. Im a P bass guy and ive played some other older BB's in stores very solid, but for a 100 bucks and all the good things im hearing lately about BB's I couldnt pass it up, I hope? The older BBs I have a BB415 at home had more of an aggressive bark to them. The perfect sound? "Made in Japan" stamped on the back of the headstock and the neck plate. The knobs have a small circle of rubber that fits perfectly and also notched to position "0" OVERALL OPINION I bought this instrument there is now a little over a year and I never tire of it, yet before I played a passive Leduc BD3 which has nothing of course... I'd be curious to hear your impression of the necks of your instruments. Versatility? She could have the house, I'm kicking myself for leaving the bass. Clip 2 - Bridge pickup soloed. guitarcenter. The first new models were the bolt-on neck, budget-oriented 404 and 405 instruments, but Yamaha also attached the BB initials to some new designs: the 405, 605, 2004, and 2005 models. ARE Acoustic Resonance Enhancement This environmentally-friendly non-chemical technique transforms the wood of the Yamaha BB2024X bass guitar to give a superb sound. VIDEO: By the end of the decade, Yamaha began to include active circuitry to the BB range, and the 1100, 1200, 3000, and 5000 all had active options. musiciansfriend. should not make fun of the world there is even a diffrence.. Stock strings are Daddario but i don't know which kind. The reversed P with J sounds a little smoother to me, especially with a pick or slap. UTILIZATION The neck is fast, fairly late for those who like me are small hands and key in palissadre is very nice. And while the venerable company continues with this approach, there seems to be a bit of a modernization of sorts within its product lines. It just works. guitarcenter. The Yamaha is an interesting bass. Loved that bass for blues, some funk and jazz. For me, it provided a big, P-like rumble with just enough J point. everything goes perfectly used with a Hartke 60 w... What are bassists really looking for in their chosen instrument? Penetrating Sound• Very good ergonomics. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. The BB has a cult following running across all levels of players. it is terrible I have to purchase the BB 614 countries? musiciansfriend. Tuners should be fine as is. guitarcenter. Honestly it didn't scream "P Bass Killer" to me, it was comfortable to play and had a good but kind of neutral, modern tone. Buena Park, CA December 2, 2020 -- Yamaha today introduced the Peter Hook Signature BB bass, a unique instrument honoring the enduring relationship between Yamaha and the celebrated artist. I had a big 'ol leather strap with the rough side down so that the strap would keep the neck from slowly sliding down. Not bad, just different. PLEASE CHECK MY FEEDBAKCS AND BUY IN FULL TRUST:feedback. With just the neck p-style pickup it does have a very vintage tone. for a first bass I'm glad your more acute if not easy to achieve but it is a good low... By 1976, the now Fender Jazz-like SB had been joined by the PB, a near-direct copy of the Fender Precision. guitarcenter. guitarcenter. Yamaha wanted their new bass to appeal to players in the main market — the USA — and encouraged West-Coast session players to try out their prototypes and give feedback on them. We've spent decades working closely with artists who practice their craft at the highest levels of recording and live performance to help us forge a clear vision of what working professionals demand of their bass in every capacity. It was a good bass. ELSEWHERE terrible sound thanks to the active mode permanent SOUNDS This bass suits me... It actually has the same physical effect as years of gigging and playing. The BBPH is a limited-edition model, and only 14 basses of its kind are available in the United States. For the music more "aggressive" I do not know even if it is very nice slap. I also tested the bass for a full show with an Eden WTP900 paired with D410XLT and D212XLT cabinets. your full of good Yamaha info. Durability? My main bass is a Japanese made BB300 and I think the build quality and parts are excellent, and it's nicely balanced. The Yamaha BB2024X is a wild 4-string electric bass with a pickguard and a metal plate mounted under a control board. guitarcenter. guitarcenter. The BB300 model was made back in the 80s. Beyond the great tone, the bass felt like I had owned and played it for years. clarip. Case sold separately Source:. How did the BB become so successful? It's a nice bass, but did have a little fret noise. When Yamaha dropped the BB shape he went for a more P-bass look, maybe to make him feel like he was still playing his "WIFE" Fender! Stock pick ups weren't exactly overpowering, but the guitar had a nice tone. Thanks for the detailed reply. It is the same material with fret wires. They are glossed finish and nice fret work for a cheaper bass. Yamaha model BB614 was my first base guitar I purchased 5 years ago. Japan-made BB300s go back as far as about '83, while the Taiwan models are more late-80s. Hardware is good, stays in tune. I personally look at these renewals as a good thing, especially if a company can learn from almost 50 years of building basses to roll out a more efficient and overall better product. We carry both and , including a great selection of. The 734a is a nice bass, but the neck shape drove me batty and felt harder to play than the Fender. I don't think Yamaha continued the original BB shape into the 90's. This bass is powerful as is. Honestly, Ive got a fender 78 P and 87 P, how is the BB sound in comparison? The vintage electronics and a unique spline joint provide the distinguishing bass tone, with power and dimension to knock socks off. By 2000 they disappeared from the catalogue completely, apart from the BB3000 and BB3000MA Michael Anthony models, and a custom order version. For what you paid, I'd say that you got a good solid instrument that won't give you any crap. Great tone. Ebony freatboard, all original from the first to the last screw, all in perfect working order, even the trussrod works perfectly: straight neck, already excellent setup, new and expensive red coated LaBella strings they are not flat, they are round: beautiful. html? The Yamaha BB basses boast all the classic characteristics of the original BBs, from the distinctive big body design and bolt-on neck to vintage-style hardware and pickups. They are a heavy bass, but I wouldn't trade or sell mine for anything! But by the end of the 1990s, the original BB basses were starting to seem dated, and the range was reduced to three models. Amazing PJ flagship of the 90s Yamaha house. Fretboard: high-grade rosewood• Supporting Members list unlimited gear with no listing fees in the Classifieds, get instant Keyword Alerts, and get Free Shipping at the TalkBass Store. CONNECT• Shop our in-store inventories of new , , , , , Trailers, , and for sale, including and. mysynchrony. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Its cylindrical bore design makes it extremely free blowing and teacher and student alike will enjoy the ease with which this clarinet tunes• I like the Yamaha BB614 because is has a great sound and the ease of playing the unit. dll? js","applePayEnabled":"","JSONLDEnabled":"","staticVersion":"hfmf-2020. guitarcenter. There may have been a little overlap in the models' availability, but not much. That's a 300. It was a lot easier on the shoulder than the old ones were, they were heavy. Well Im glad your a geek! Instead of simply gluing wood pieces, Yamaha inserts a maple plate, called a "Spline", into a slot on its joint sections. Interesting. Pickups: alnico split single, ceramic bar single• We are thankful to Peter for sticking with us for so many years, and we are proud he is so pleased with the result of our collaboration together. excellent I referrer this choice without hesitation Only thing I wish.. The BBP34 also shines when serving as a P-style bass with just the neck pickup engaged. musiciansfriend. In 1994, Yamaha brought out the BB-NE model — a departure from the BB shape that was. musiciansfriend. Using precise control of temperature, humidity, and pressure, this technology alters the structure of wood at a sub-cellular level, transforming it into the same material as would be found on an instrument that's been played for many years, into a material that resonates beautifully. It was very comfy and familiar on the big stage. 5-piece neck The neck of the Yamaha BB2024X bass consists of maple and mahogany. One of them is close to the bridge pickup and one of the little bit closer to the top edge of the front of the body. Body design: 3-piece spline joint• Plus, the bass can be strung through the body or topside, which is always a nice option. I am happy with this purchase! SUPPORT TALKBASS! The construction is this guitar I feel is as best construction as the top guitar makers on the market. guitarcenter.。 。 。


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