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How to become a POSP?

So with this in mind, Kalinka Optics designed their rifle scopes to be used effectively with any caliber including 7. Class 10 or above pass certificate• This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. The silver drum with range or windage marks is the ballistic compensator and moves independently of the dial on top, but only when the screws are removed. Nitrogen Filled: Yes• The POSP 2020 Application is now live! Our Online PoSP platform can be accessed from your desktop, mobile or tablet for providing comparison of competitive premiums from various insurers for the benefit of your customers. This is normal. POSP can sell basic and transparent insurance plans which provide entire protection and tax benefits. Once adjusted, fire the next round. POSP can issue the insurance policies straightway without underwriting. Kalinka Optics took into consideration that a variety of different calibers would be used with their POSP rifle scopes while in the design process. 261; License Validity : 17-05-2022; Category : Composite Broker; CIN : U65990MH1987PLC042609• 45x39mm. The included bulb is red but can be changed out for a blue or green one. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. The Pre-Orientation Service Program POSP , coordinated by the Landis Center for Community Engagement, is an immersive service experience that unites First-Year Students, Returning Leaders, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members in an inclusive environment before the Fall Semester begins. Meaning, there is only one very specific distance at which the scope is zeroed. So if your car insurance policy has expired or if you have forgotten to renew your policy, it implies that you and your vehicle are not covered under insurance and your insurance company is not liable to pay any claims arising out of accident... The Belarus optic includes a quick detach lever Photo by Jim Grant The POSP has a quick detach lever, a BDC and. Personal accident policy• Accessories are also available like the illumination color, glare reducing caps, sun shields, and the like. 5 goals Played Over2. Licenced by IRDAI License No. POSP can gain more trust and improve customer relationships as they are locally available for them. A POSP should be 18 years of age at least and a class 10th pass with a Aadhaar card. Sometimes it helps to pull up on the dial a bit when spinning the silver drum, this can allow the drum to move freely but not have the two screw holes drift out of position. He usually sells over-the-counter OTC products which are pre-underwritten and authorized by IRDAI. The POSP rifle scope is waterproof, sealed against sand and dust, and is filled with nitrogen in order to prevent fogging within the lenses. POSP is the catalyst that encourages students to make connections through their involvement in meaningful service experiences, and results in increased appreciation of our Easton Community. The POSP and PSO both feature one of the first quick-detach mounting systems that attach to the strange looking side plate featured on most stamped AK rifles and SVD sniper rifles. Always exercise due diligence before purchasing any product or service. Agents can also email our support team at. Depending on the quirk of the PSO in question you may have no choice but to remove the screws. Agents can also email our support team at partner godigit. Limited and Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited are part of the same promoter group. A POSP Point of Salesperson is the name given to an insurance agent who can sell specific insurance products. If it needs a screw driver to turn the dial there is nothing further to do once zeroed. Work from home - Use online processes to sell policies and work from home or even anywhere else! Lafayette College will be continuing to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and government recommendations. Unlike regular insurance agent, a PoSP can sell insurance products from multiple companies, without any restrictions and across approved insurance categories too, like term life plans, motor insurance, health insurance plans and more. This is also why it's generally recommended to not remove the two screws but rather to just loosen them. 5goals Under2. 5x21P, Rakurs etc, there are no silver drums to slip back to 1 and 0. com. Welcome! Kids in the Community KIC Day Camp Volunteer as a camp counselor at a day camp for kids ages 4-11 from the Easton community. You are then ready to start selling insurance as a PoSP agent. 55 PM IST. Please contact Melissa Ash at or 610-330-5653 for more information. Keep in mind that the Kalinka POSP rifle scopes mount only to rifles with a preinstalled side rail. Anyone familiar with a Trijicon ACOG understands the usefulness of this feature, especially when engaging targets at known distances. Member of Insurance Brokers Association of India IBAI Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. It gets more complicated to get the BDC dialed in... The dial located on the side of the POSP rifle scope is for adjusting against wind effects. com will give you the chance to add more insurance products like health, travel, life, etc. The Zinc-alloy construction that makes the POSP so heavy, also makes it indestructible. As per the insurance regulator of India, IRDAI, a PoSP is a certified insurance individual who can solicit insurance business for authorised PoSP products as an extension of the insurance broker. In other words, it's a discount that you would get after a claim-free year... Monkeycap. Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 20th. As said in the 2 point, the insurance intermediary is responsible for the conduct and POSP and if there is any misconduct, the intermediary shall make it accountable to a penalty based on provisions of Section 102 of the Act. All these needs to self-attested signed by you Class 10 or above pass certificate Copy of your PAN card, Aadhaar Card front and back A cancelled cheque with your name on it A photograph. There is no brightness adjustment and the illumination feature is enabled with a toggle switch that has a raised metal guard to protect it from being accidentally turned on. com. Maecenas tempus, tellus eget condimentum rhoncus, sem quam semper libero, sit amet adipiscing sem neque sed ipsum. To slip the scales back to 1 for elevation and 0 for windage, loosen the two silver screws on the top of each turret. A Point of Sale Person POSP is a type of insurance agent who can sell insurance products across various companies and various categories too — life plans, term plans, health plans, and more. Moreover, the customer base you create for yourself through Monkeycap. Lafayette College will be continuing to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and government recommendations. He is employed by insurers or corporate agents or brokers. Tel. POSP are provided with easy-to-use and efficient technology platforms to deliver instant service to clients. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. They shall represent POSP and be responsible for. With this launch, BSE Ebix now has the ability to handle insurance sales across both term and endowment policy in the life insurance segment using its omni-channel digital presence supplemented by the physical presence of BSE Ebix's thousands of Point of sale Persons POSPs. Key Highlights Single and Fully Digital Transaction Platform for Insurance Products Viz. Do this by setting your target at 50 meters and mount the rifle into a stationary position. However, AKs manufactured by K-Var, KBI, Hesse, Century, Arsenal USA etc. Use our income calculator below and see how much you can earn with every policy you sell• The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. You are then ready to start selling insurance as a PoSP agent. All Rights Reserved. 62x54R and 5. CIN: U99999GJ2001PLC062239. If the round fires in the same direction then readjust to increase accuracy otherwise the rifle should be properly zeroed in within the first three to five rounds. My Car insurance policy expired? to 6:30 p. 62x39mm,. Teens in the Community TIC Day Camp Volunteer as a camp counselor at a day camp for teens ages 12-17 from the Easton community by engaging in volunteer projects and fun activities. Participants engage in meaningful service, build lasting relationships, and develop as both leaders and active citizens. It will include topics ranging from basics of insurance, policy types, process for issuance and claims, rules and regulations etc. Earn high income - Your income depends on the number of policies you issue. For becoming a POSP, you only need to have the minimum educational qualifications as given by the IRDAI and undergo training provided by us. Any other policy which is approved by the authority specifically. All these needs to self-attested signed by you• Waterproof: Yes• Additionally, we have an online sales management module which will help you in managing your leads and in doing efficient prospecting. POSP is an excellent transition to Lafayette College and the Easton community. 5x21P series, the arrows are reversed from the PSO. Past POSP Service Projects:• This will help you easily renew insurance policies year on year and increase the number of your happy customers. Follow us on , , , , and! Great! 62x39mm ammunition. POSP is entirely open source, so head out to our for instructions and get right to it! 308,. You should not rely solely on information contained in this website to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. To learn more about how to be a POSP and the benefits of the same, read on. Marg, behind Mahindra Towers, Worli, Mumbai 400018. to their existing insurance portfolio, thereby generating a consistent source of income to you for many years. Point of Sale Person PoSP Earn from your home and create your own successful business by becoming a PoSP at Monkeycap. For registration, you will need the below documents. You may have noticed after moving the reticule to the bullet impact that the range or windage is no longer on 1 or 0. Branch Offices: Ahmedabad Aurangabad Bangalore Bhopal Chandigarh Chennai Cochin Goa Hyderabad Indore Jaipur Kolkata Lucknow Ludhiana Mumbai Mumbai-Dombivili Nagpur Nashik New Delhi Pune Raipur Rajkot Surat Thane Thiruvananthapuram Vadodara Landmark Insurance Brokers Pvt. What should I do now? You are your own boss! 223 NATO, 7. Third party liability policy for act for two-wheeler, private car, and commercial vehicles. It will include topics ranging from basics of insurance, policy types, process for issuance and claims, rules and regulations etc. Check out the video below to hear perspectives from some current student leaders about POSP! Become your own boss - Work as per your convenience. Watch this video and take a closer look at this POSP scope. Only 15 hours of training - With just 15-hours of training, you can be an insurance expert. com's expert claim coordination team will also provide overall timely claim support to your customers. Have you ever used one? Ltd. Such products need not require any further explanation or discussion with clients at the time of the sale. The aiming chevrons located underneath the center crosshairs are for adjusting for bullet drop at 1000, 1100, and 1200 meters aiming with the 2 nd, 3 rd, and 4 th chevrons accordingly. While normal insurance agents sell can sell the insurance products of their companies alone, POSP can sell policies of multiple insurance companies and across both life and non-life categories. Talk to our executive to know more about how you can create a successful business from the comfort of your home as a PoSP at Monkeycap. These optics do not use adjustable turrets, instead they are typically designed for hold overs applied by the shooter during firing and not by moving the turrets. A word of caution: If you are unfamiliar with Russian optics or have just received a scope that has an unknown zero on it, start the zeroing process from 25-50 yards instead of 100 meters. 15 Dec, 2020, 05. Etiam rhoncus. include a preinstalled side rail. com and get an edge over the other Insurance Agents. If modern versions were made out of lightweight metal with high-quality glass and tritium they would be the Russian equivalents of s, but they would also cost three times as much. Accepted first-year students are placed into one of five service projects. Travel insurance policy• For the modern optics like PO 3. What can you sell as a POSP? Retighten the two screws. You may change your settings at any time. some turrets are calibrated for a specific round and others are in MOA, but if the point of impact is the same as point of aim at 100m the scope is quite usable. The second issue is the fact that the crosshair is not clear by default and the focal adjustment is very difficult to utilize, because it requires a screwdriver and loctite. Fire a few rounds to confirm. A POSP can market only insurance products, that is, they could not offer claim consultancy, risk management services, and so on. Urban Garden Initiative Volunteer in the West Ward and South Side areas of Easton on a variety of painting, gardening, and clean-up projects. Corporate Office: One World Centre, Tower-1, 7th floor, Jupiter Mill Compound, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400 013. com provides you with tools for complete online management of your customers' insurance portfolio from your home. A cancelled cheque with your name on it• If you have any questions about the application, please feel free to! The turret is actually two mechanisms operating together, they are secured together by the screws. This website contains advertisements. com. Or have you been building POSP unofficially for some time now and want to become a maintainer? Home insurance policy• to access the application for the 2020 Pre-Orientation Service Program. That being said with a little familiarization it is not particularly difficult to zero Russian optics. While renewing the registration certificate of insurance intermediary, the conduct of the POSP shall also be considered on the rolls of insurance intermediary. Easton Area Lifestyle Campus Become a friend to local seniors at the Easton Area Senior Center and Easton Area Nursing Home by engaging in fun activities like drum circles, creative arts, fitness routines. Nam eget dui. It's best to start off close and make sure the rounds are not flying high or in an unpredictable manner... Simply put, if the wind is blowing from the right to the left you would adjust your rangefinder to the left accordingly and vice versa. Please add them in the comments below! The two mounting systems are different in that they are not interchangeable, however, both utilize the same concept of a lever-actuated clamp to secure a mounting platform to the side of the receiver. The subject of zeroing can be complicated and sometimes confusing depending on which optic is being sighted in. Begin by sliding the mount through the side rail located on the left side of the rifle, opposite the bolt extractor. 3 meters at 300 meters. Slip the silver drum to 1 and 0. Maecenas tempus, tellus eget condimentum rhoncus, sem quam semper libero.. Yes, you will have to complete the training to become a POSP. While there are a large number of optics on the market and potentially many factors to consider, there is one simple principle to remember: Move the reticule to the bullet impact and you'll be able to zero the optic to the rifle in question. Nam eget dui. Advantages Overcome the disadvantages of being an agent of just one insurance company. com. The insurance company is responsible to record the Aadhaar number or the PAN number of POSP in proposal form and insurance policy. — except for a few shortcomings that really show its age. ISO 9001 Quality Management certified by BSI under certificate number FS 611893. With Digit Insurance, you can sell Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Health Insurance, International Travel Insurance, Personal Accident Cover, and SFSP Insurance. This disconnects the silver drum from the turret dial and the reticule will no longer move. Performance-minded shooters wishing to squeeze every ounce of performance from their AKs should invest in a scope rail from either Arsenal or Midwest Industries and mount a modern optic. August 12, 2018 If you do not make a claim during the policy period, a No Claim Bonus NCB is offered on renewals. Due to the less-advanced glass-grinding methods utilized on Soviet-era scopes, the rim of the lens has a spherical aberration that causes a fisheye or parallax effect. 1 meters of the line of sight movement for every 100 meters and 0. License Valid till: 9th April 2021. Composite Broker. A rule of thumb is that if it has removable screws on top there is a BDC or windage that can be slipped to 1 and 0. Additionally, the POSP has a battery-illuminated reticle that makes the cross-hairs more easily visible in low-light conditions. As per IRDAI Regulations, Insurer or any intermediaries will conduct a 14 hours in-house training session and an examination following that. Nam quam nunc, blandit vel, luctus pulvinar, hendrerit id, lorem. If the bullet hits to the upper or lower left or right of the previous bullet then adjust accordingly by setting the dials to the previous round. On giving and passing the exam, you will receive an eCertificate. Sighting and Zeroing the POSP Rifle Scope The dial located on the top of the POSP rifle scope is for adjusting range. They could not explain and sell complex insurance products. POSP is a wonderful opportunity to meet and form meaningful relationships with other first-year students as well as returning student leaders. Firth Youth Center Serve as a classroom aid and assist with summer camp activities with children up to age 11. For registration, you will need the below documents. The scope attaches easily to any AK variant with a preinstalled side rail and comes in two primary colors; an advanced black-based enamel finish and a gray hammer finish. An additional downside of the mounting height is the difficulty of achieving a cheek weld while aiming. Supply Voltage: 2 x D-357 button batteries• What do I do if the vehicle is stolen? If there is any misconduct, the insurance company shall make it accountable to a penalty based on provisions of Section 102 of the Act.。 。

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